Zack Petricca is a strategic designer focused on creating intuitive, impactful experiences that drive growth.

Currently, aiding in the early detection of skin cancer at SkinIO.

About Me

I'm a design leader and experience strategist with a passion for shaping exceptional human-centered experiences and driving business impact. My focus spans experience design and creative strategy, where I leverage my expertise to take user insights and craft design solutions that will resonate with diverse audiences.
My professional journey reflects a commitment to crafting innovative solutions that optimize functionality and elevate user experience. Having worked across diverse industries like consumer goods, healthcare, and technology, I bring a wealth of experience in solving user and business challenges through creative practices.

Throughout my career at growth-oriented companies, I've not only excelled in delivering impactful design projects but also in cultivating collaborative and impactful design cultures. I thrive in dynamic environments, where I manage, train, and mentor creative talents within small team settings. It's not just about what I create; it's about fostering a design culture that is both collaborative and impactful.

Interested in working together? Shoot me an email, or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.