Zack Petricca is a versatile designer focused on creating intuitive, impactful experiences that drive growth.

Currently, aiding in the early detection of skin cancer at SkinIO.

About Me

I'm a design leader and experience strategist with a passion for shaping exceptional human-centered solutions and driving business impact. My focus spans experience design and creative strategy, focusing on gathering insights and uncovering the 'why' to craft solutions that resonate with diverse audiences.

My professional journey demonstrates a dedication to strong visual design, enhancing user experiences, and driving engagement across industries like consumer goods, healthcare, and technology. I excel in bridging the gap between marketing, engineering, sales, and business through insightful conversations and creative practices.

Throughout my career at growth-oriented companies, I've delivered impactful and innovative design solutions while cultivating collaborative design cultures. I thrive in dynamic environments, managing, training, and mentoring creative talent. I believe it's not just about what is created; it's about fostering a design culture that both empowers creativity and nurtures growth.

Interested in working together? Shoot me an email, or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.